5 Reasons Why a Holiday Cottage is Perfect for a Couple’s Getaway

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When you’re planning your next escape from the doldrums of day-to-day life, it may seem obvious to look at jetting off abroad on another city break, or for a week on a beach somewhere else in the world, but we believe that there’s no better break than a holiday cottage for a young couple.

So get yourself a brew, get comfy and see why a holiday cottage is perfect for a couple’s getaway.

Spend some quality one-on-one time together

There’s nothing like a bit of privacy and space to really help you spend quality time together as a couple. Whether you’re a new couple just getting to know each other, or have been together for years, having the run of a holiday cottage can really help. A hotel room often feels a little cramped, and like you don’t truly have the privacy you desire. A holiday cottage could be the perfect setting to help you keep the flame alive, or light a new fire.

Get some much needed downtime with true home comforts

Escaping from your everyday life is even better when it actually still includes some home comforts. Being able to relax in a cosy armchair with a cup of tea beside the fireplace, but still knowing you’re miles from home and your responsibilities is a wonderful thing to experience.

It still gives you a chance to relax and unwind, giving you the downtime you need from a break, but having the home comforts a hotel can’t provide can give you a chance to properly relax.


Whip up a romantic meal

Being confined to only eating in a hotel restaurant can be limiting. A cottage offers you the chance to have your own kitchen and whip up something home cooked while you’re away. There’s something particularly great about going out for a day of hiking or sightseeing and coming back to a hearty meal you’ve cooked up in your own cottage, or when you’ve had a true lazy day and done nothing but batten down the hatches and bake or cook.

You can even cook up something special and have a cosy romantic evening in with a bottle of wine, just the two of you.

Of course, you will want somebody else to cook for you while you’re away at least once, so it’s lucky that you’ll be perfectly placed to enjoy a delicious meal at our neighbouring pub The Royal


Escape the city and explore

Holiday cottages can really bring you true peace and quiet. They can help you escape the hustle and bustle of a city and explore a whole new part of the country. True seclusion gives you a chance to shut yourself off from the noise, and take life at a different pace. This means you can find spots for romantic picnics, stunning sunsets and scenic hikes.

Use the slower pace to share some new experiences or try out something you don’t have the time to do at home, like playing a board game, finishing a puzzle or reading a book cover to cover in one sitting.


Holiday cottages for couples near the Lake District

The Holgates Cottage Collection is ideal for couples looking to for a romantic getaway, with carefully planned cottages perfectly placed near the Lake District in picturesque Silverdale. Come and explore the beautiful surroundings or unwind in your comfortable cottage. You’ll even get complimentary access to leisure facilities at Holgates Holiday Park in Silverdale.

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